DOMINATE the game.

MAXIMIZE your travel points, miles & rewards
CREATE valuable travel savings
ENHANCE your life on the road

A series of LIVE WEBINARS for frequent travelers
taught by Chad Prewett

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Are you a frequent traveler?
Would you like to maximize your TRAVEL BENEFITS and your TRAVEL SAVINGS at the same time,
while enhancing your life on the road?

Many of us travel. We travel a lot.

We have opportunities to earn rewards through hotel, airline, rental car and credit card programs . . .but we don’t always have the information and strategies to fully engage with those benefits. Many of us also have the opportunity to gain significant income through corporate travel savings programs—and if we have the right strategies and tools, we can maximize that income. And of course, all of us want to save money on our travel, use smart tax strategies, economize our life “on the road” and use the latest travel hacks to create a no-hassle travel experience.

The DOMINATE THE TRAVEL GAME webinar series will provide useful, reliable information on all of these topics, no matter what kind of “travel gamer” you are:

You’re new to the frequent-traveler lifestyle. Or, you’ve been traveling for awhile, but you know your points/miles plan needs a kickstart, and you’re curious about maximizing and “cashing in” on your benefits. You’ve got some basic strategies for creating travel savings, and you know a few things about tax strategies for travelers, but you’d like to know more.

You don’t want to go “all in” on the points/miles game—you’re no fanatic—but you want to maximize all of the potential rewards, perks and savings that are possible as a result of travel you’re already doing. You’re aware there are probably tax strategies for frequent travelers that you’re not taking advantage of, and you’d like to learn about them. You’d also like to learn power tips and travel hacks to streamline your travel experience.

You’re ready to learn how to maximize every points/miles strategy, and build your balances so that you can have amazing free travel and other rewards. You want every travel hack and tactic that will allow you to travel like a pro, with savvy strategies for creating dollar savings along the way.
If you have questions about this webinar series, click HERE to send us an email.
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The DOMINATE THE TRAVEL GAME webinars are taught by Chad Prewett.

Chad has traveled extensively over the past eleven years, primarily in his work as a professional speaker and corporate trainer. Along the way, he’s learned the best tricks and strategies for accumulating hotel points, airline miles and transferable points—and for maximizing the great perks available to frequent travelers. He’s learned a lot about being a savvy traveler, engaging smart tax strategies, and enhancing the “travel life.” Chad has also created significant income by using smart strategies to create shared travel savings with corporate clients.

Chad has redeemed his travel points, hotel points and airline miles for . . .

—Free air travel for family members to travel for family celebrations
—Free air travel to (and from) Europe for sightseeing
—Free air travel within Europe for visits to great cities like London, Paris, Munich, Salzburg, and Edinburgh
—Free hotel stays in cities across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America and Southeast Asia
—Air travel across North America and Australia, as well as the Caribbean and Southeast Asia
—Free meals, airport lounge access, electronics, housewares and cash

Travel points & miles have allowed Chad to explore Alcatraz Island with friends, ride in a submarine to the bottom of the Caribbean sea, experience great food and shopping in Sydney’s Chinatown, attend television show tapings in Hollywood, climb mountains in Tasmania, swim off the New Zealand coast, and make new friends all over the world. He’s learned the ins and outs of travel perks like airport lounge access, the best ways to maintain status with hotels and airlines, and how to fully engage with the perks and benefits available through travel loyalty programs.

Over the past few months, Chad has booked a lot of free travel for himself and friends during 2016—including trips to Aruba, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, and Greece.  Next winter he’ll fly to Singapore (free!), spending 21 hours in one of the legendary first-class suites aboard a Singapore Airlines A380 jetliner.  So far, Chad’s free travel during 2016 has a total retail value of over $39,000.00.

If you have questions about this webinar series, click HERE to send us an email.
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You can participate in one session, or attend all three webinars in the series at a special price!
All participants receive access to online followup resources including weblinks, travel tips and packing lists.
If you have questions about this webinar series, click HERE to send us an email.
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The DOMINATE THE TRAVEL GAME webinars will happen on Saturday, June 4, 2016:

7:30am—9:00am    Session 1: Kickstart Your Plan . . . and Cash In on the Rewards!
9:30am—11:00am   Session 2: Travel Savings, Tips and Tools for the Serious Traveler
11:30am—1:00pm   Session 3: Become the Ultimate Travel Gamer

If you have questions about this webinar series, click HERE to send us an email.
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You can register for an individual session, or register for all three sessions at a discounted price!
Individual webinars are $XX.XX, and you can participate in all three webinars for $XX.XX.

You can use any major credit card or debit card to register. Click any blue button at the bottom of this page to be taken to the registration & payment site.

If you have questions about this webinar series, click HERE to send us an email.
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